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Whether you are thinking of filming a special community event, or wanting others to know more about your community group activities, then Community Film Share Project may help. 

A new project funded by The Big Lottery Awards for All and running until the end of the November 2010, with main focus on supporting 'community film making', our aim is to help encourage and empower community, voluntary organisations, individuals or volunteers to develop their capacity to produce digital film base upon their own community activities and experiences.

This could include:

  • A sponsored walk or bike-ride
  • A community or charity performance
  • A restoration of an old building such as a church, mosque or community centre or youth club.
  • A charity dinner, performance, concert or charity function
  • A community festival or cultural event
  • A community tour / exhibition or show

Whatever not-for-profit event / function you want filming, the Community Film Share Project can help. Through enabling you to document the occasion using digital film media, together we can boost the awareness of your group and allow the experiences to be shared.

What's on Offer?

  • We will be providing FREE workshops in developing technical and managerial skills in digital-video production, covering aspects from camera operation / video editing to legal matters, relating to internet and cinema exhibition. 
  • A 'digital-video equipment loan' service allowing accessibility to project participants, free to all volunteers and registered voluntary
  •  Take part community-based film-screening event to be organised for October 2010
  • Be part of our volunteer network of community film-makers, including regular updates on filming and community events.

We are actively encouraging local groups to share the experiences through a community-based film festival event. We aim to support individuals and groups who have limited access to such equipment - and will therefore focus upon groups with no previous exposure to such equipment before. At the conclusion of the project, the groups involved will come together and share their experiences, through showcasing their video documented community-based activities around Derbyshire.

Sharing Your Community Activities

The project aims to support a Volunteer Network by developing, enabling and empowering individuals and community organisations in becoming more confident and proficient in using digital media equipment within their community practices.

Through accessing digital-video equipment, individuals and groups will have  the resources to film and document community events, which can then be utilised for screening on the Internet through various screening and social network sites  and in turn be collated to develop a community-based video archive.

How to Get Involved

We encourage people from all backgrounds to come and registered with our Volunteer Network, whether you want to join in on the workshops, make use of the digital video equipment, or share some of your community films as part our screening event to be taken in the Autumn of 2010 - do get involve and join us!

Particularly welcome smaller groups who have limited access to digital film equipment to get involve including Black and Ethnic Minority and grass root community groups to develop their capacity to produce community films to share.

To register with us either post / email your details we us by completing the simple online registration form here, or by calling us on 01332 369230.


Derbyshire Learning & Development Consortium European Social Fund Lottery Funded Co-financed by Skills Funded Agency

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