A Guy CalL'D Rav [2006, 10 mins]

In his wannabe gangster world Rav faces a challenge like no other: how to keep his rep' whilst trying to get the girl ... using his 'feminine side.' Part of the 'Fresh Film Academy' Project.


Writing Team - Open Centre Youth Group
Director - Sangeeta Gogna
Production Manager - Janine Shrigley
Production Assistant - Sangeeta Sahu
Sound Shadow - Maria Akhter
Camera Operator - Shehzard Chowdhury, Sajid Chowdhury
Camera Shadow - Kieran Sahu
Script Supervisor - Tasha


Rav - Deepak Aujla
Sheila - Sasha Gupta
Hema - Hemani Bubber
Wannabe Gangsters - Sanah Iqbal, Jabar Iqbal, Jameel Iqbal, Jeevan Dulku
Girl Crew - Poonam Gogna, Sangeeta Gogna, Tasha
Bullied Kids - Kieran Sahu, Maria Akhter, Sharn Akhter
Gangster Don - Sukie Ghajminger
Grandmother - Anna Gautama

Part of the Fresh Film Academy project.

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