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Using the medium of Digital-Video, our 'Scrip-to-Screen' workshops lead our Learners through the 'nuts and bolts' of filmmaking - from Ideas Gathering, Scriptwriting, Management, Shooting, Post-Production to final Screening.

Each project takes an imaginative approach to media learning, custom-made to our Learners, and through their viewpoint, explores a variety of issues affecting themselves and the diverse communities living in Britain today. We aim to support media skills development and creative writing to help  the development of pre and post  production skills. The net outcome of our projects is to  'empower' Learners, which together with accessing work experience opportunities, builds upon their confidences toward contributing to their local  economy and  creative environments.

On conclusion of our projects, Learners can then showcase their talent (through local, national and Internet screening outlets), and using their films as 'Calling Cards', can work toward finding meaningful and financially rewarding employment in the Media and Cultural Industries or other related sectors.


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